History of Mathers Controls / ZF Marine

Mathers Logo

Mathers Logo

Mathers Controls began in the family basement of Cliffe and Harold Mathers in 1951. The company quickly became an industry leader providing high quality propulsion control systems for both commercial and pleasure craft applications. Mathers Controls has been proud to be at the forefront of several significant innovations within the industry. None more ground breaking than the introduction of the Mathers MicroCommander, the industry’s first electronic propulsion control system, in 1987.

Mathers Controls electronic systems are currently manufactured by ZF Marine LLC on an international scale.


The Mathers MicroCommander was introduced in 1987 as the first electronic control system available to the general boating public. The single-lever, multi-station electronic control revolutionized the industry with its finger-tip precision, responsive control, and the ability to maneuver your vessel in the tightest conditions with ease and confidence.

Mathers Controls has engineered and manufactured state-of-the-art propulsion control systems for decades. The pneumatic propulsion control systems have a reputation for being safe and reliable. Generally designed for commercial applications including: harbor tugs, offshore supply vessels, crew boats, fishing vessels, inland towboats, and ferries; the pneumatic control systems offer durability, longevity, and quality for hard-working high-performance vessels around the world. This division is now owned by Northway Products.