PPC Systems, Inc.

PPC team

PPC Team

PPC Systems, Inc. was founded in 1993 as “Pneumatic Propulsion Controls” with Bill Mol as sole proprietor. Bill has been in the marine engineering field his entire career.

Shortly after starting his business, Bill began his association with Mathers Controls Inc., (now ZF Marine LLC) providing sales, service and repair work on propulsion control systems at their request.

In 1994 “Pneumatic Propulsion Controls” became involved in electronic propulsion control systems and began operating as “PPC”.

Paigè Logsdon became a partner in 1996 and took over the office and material handling functions enabling Bill to spend more time in the field. Paigè’s background at that time included 10 years at Lockheed Shipbuilding in Warehousing and Materiel Management and 10 years at Olin Aerospace in electronics inventory control, shipping, receiving and purchasing.

In January 2001 “PPC” incorporated and began operating as “PPC Systems, Inc.”.

Ted Lind joined our team in 2007 and retired in 2017.

In July 2013 Northway Products purchased the shaft brake and pneumatic division of the original Mathers line. We are pleased to begin our relationship with them providing Mathers quality products and service.

In May 2015 Casey McKinney joined the PPC team. As well as his ZF Marine and Northway/Mathers experience he comes aboard with training certification from Kobelt and Aventics (formerly Rexroth) and hands on knowledge of Kobelt steering systems and controllable pitch propeller systems. Casey is a valuable addition to PPC and brings his impressive background and vibrant, young energy to the waterfront.

In June 2018 Jim Nash joined the PPC team. Jim has over 31 years of propulsion control systems knowledge. He brings his extensive technical expertise in regards to Rexroth/Aventics products to the business.

Together Bill, Casey, Jim and Paigè can provide your company with knowledgeable, dependable and professional factory trained and authorized service for all your marine propulsion control system requirements.

With over 775 customers, and 1,100 vessels ranging from yachts, tug boats and fishing vessels to ferries, cruise boats, processors, research vessels and military ships, we can design, troubleshoot, repair and service virtually any propulsion control system.

We provide service and sales around the world to support new and existing customers.

PPC Systems, Inc. is classified as a woman owned business, is a government approved contractor and SAM and WAWF registered.