Discontinued Product Lines

If you know the model and part number of your existing system and do not see it listed on  our product pages it is no longer available/supported by the factory.  Please call and we will provide assistance to either repair it if possible or recommend an appropriate replacement.

The following items are discontinued:

  • MC 42 Mathers MicroCommander
  • MMC 314 Mathers MicroCommander
  • 580 Mathers MicroCommander
  • 580-2 Mathers MicroCommander
  • 585 Mathers MicroCommander
  • 585CE Mathers MicroCommander
  • MS540-12946_12947 Mathers ClearCommand
  • MS541-11749, MS540-11790
  • MS543-12948 Mathers ClearCommand
  • MS544-11894 ClearCommand
  • MS547-12949_MS547-12950
  • MS549-11907 Mathers ClearCommand
  • MS555-12211 ClearCommand
  • MS546-13547 ClearCommand
  • MS566-13501 ClearCommand
  • MS568-13484 ClearCommand
  • MS569-13541 ClearCommand: Electric Throttle, Electric Solenoid Shift, Mechanical Troll